Here’s what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC-TV18 today

Today we are showcasing three of these trends – the trend towards the cloud, adoption of cloud which is a megatrend that is affecting all enterprises. The need for cybersecurity which again has become even more critical as more and more applications get exposed on the public internet and the massive need to re-train and reskill our people and we are showcasing that through, I believe the Wingspan presentation.

Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and chairman, Infosys


Auto stocks have had a phenomenal run from the March lows, with Ashok Leyland being the strongest performer. While the broader market is at an all-time high, the Indian auto index is yet lower. One of the key reasons for the same is that if you look at volumes, volumes are not back up where they were in 2018. There is still some time for us to catch up to those volume levels which we had seen 2 years ago.

If you look at stocks which have demand momentum, passenger vehicles definitely come to light. So, therefore, you can look at OEMs such as Maruti Suzuki. The Indian OEMs have become a lot more progressive even in terms of technology. So another company we like to this extent is Hero MotoCorp.

Aditya Makharia, Senior Analyst – Automobiles, HDFC Securities


We have been in the establishment and infrastructure build-up phase in the first two years and we have made a very large investment from 2018- 2020. Around Rs 250 crore was invested in building up one of the finest infrastructures. This year our domestic biscuits business has shown great numbers, as a company we have grown by 18 percent. Today our RoCE is at 24 percent and ROE is at 22 percent, on annualised number, this is for the first half. We have shown exceptionally good numbers in this first half of these years.

Anoop Bector, Managing Director, Bectors Food Specialities


The ongoing pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and the momentum continues to be steady and strong and we remain quite confident with what we have done this quarter.

There is a lot of work going on cloud, on cybersecurity as these are critical areas of growth and of course, learning is an extremely important area which becomes a foundation for all of our employees. We have seen increased speed in digital adoption among our clients and within that especially how cloud is progressing.

Salil Parekh, CEO, Infosys


This year will underline the interesting correlation between demand for essential services and economic activity. What seems to happen is that when the economy is expanding, people are setting up new factories and offices and the government is spending in infrastructure, GDP grows at 5-7 percent, our sector grows at 15-20 percent year-on-year (YoY). That has been the trend for the last 5-10 years. But this year in FY21 when the GDP has contracted for the first time in decades, we can see clearly that the demand for essential services has not contracted.

Our March 2020 revenue — the month that corona hit — was Rs 747 crore. In September our revenue grew to Rs 770 crore. Revenue for the latest month was Rs 800 crore plus.

Rituraj Sinha, Group MD, SIS


Globally the production of palm will start rising from February-March onwards. Even the South American soya bean crop will start coming from February-March onwards. We have mustard seeds crops, rabi crop coming in February-March onwards. So, the softness in the prices will definitely start happening from February-March onwards. We will see by May or June the prices of palm oil and soya oil both coming down by $100 from the present levels.

Sunflower oil is an exception because this year sunflower crop was very bad due to dryness and La Niña. Russia also putting 15 percent export duty on sunflower oil in order to save sunflower oil for its own population at reasonable prices. So, sunflower is the only oil which is going to remain firm from now till next year.

Sandeep Bajoria, CEO, Sunvin Group


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