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We have been positive on Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL), Britannia, Titan Company and paint companies. In the longer-term, Britannia is looking good. Stocks like Titan and paint companies have risen very sharply, they continue to be structural buys. HUL from the current level offers upside over the next 12 months.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are a winner in the longer-term. Particularly those which are having strong brands, which can innovate, which are having the advantages in distribution. These companies will continue to generate a lot of cash and give returns in the longer-term.

Amnish Aggarwal, Head of Research, Prabhudas Lilladher


Very often the best part is riding the trend. Trying to predict tops is going to be a fallacy. This is not just in India, it is global in nature. We are in a massive liquidity gush and there is no smartness in trying to see where this will take us. As our process goes, ultimately we feel that over a period of time it is going to be quality that is going to outperform.

The market is very good for traders. If you are a trader, you must be in those beaten down spaces which are pulling up not just in India, it is happening globally. However, if you are an investor, you still have to stick and hold your nerve and stay with quality because over a period of time when markets will correct, that is when quality emerges.

Atul Suri, CEO, Marathon Trends-PMS 


Dilip Buildcon has won about Rs 13,500 crore of orders in this financial year spread across various sectors. The overall order book currently stands at Rs 26,000 crore. End of the year we hope to achieve a similar revenue number as of last year which is in itself a huge achievement if you look at the months you have already lost. FY22 we would very comfortably be above Rs 10,000 crore. I would rather put as somewhere between Rs 10,500 crore to Rs 11,000 crore of topline in FY22.

Rohan Suryavanshi, Head-Strategy & Planning, Dilip Buildcon


Maggi, as a brand is very much linked to agriculture, and agriculture is also the segment of our economy, which is the most important in terms of occupation and in terms of incomes for a large number of the farming community and the allied community. Therefore it is important that issues around agriculture be addressed, and what better brand than Maggi to contribute in its own small way to the good ideas coming into agriculture and some of them, hopefully, as we will see today, being implemented to a worthy cause.

Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestle India


Most of the steel companies have the captive mines themselves. They have got no cause to say that the iron ore prices are rising. They have been exporting iron ore themselves, and so much so that they have been illegally exporting pellets also. So, neither the price increase nor the exports are coming in the way.

RK Sharma, Secretary General, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI)


In Apollo, we are continuously looking at strategic ways to improve our shareholder returns and we have done that with the health insurance company. I cannot confirm the reports, but I would like to state that with the launch of 24/7 — our digital strategy and our online pharmacy, we are looking at ways to enhance value for both Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL) and for all our stakeholders.

Suneeta Reddy, MD, Apollo Hospitals


I see upside in crude oil, and the OPEC meeting has opened the door for further upside. OPEC has clearly mentioned they are not going to increase their production. I think the trend is definitely going to be upbeat right now, cautiously bullish.

One can go long even at current levels, it can still surprise on the upside and it can still go up. Fundamentals keep aside right now, the liquidity is playing a major role, the way dollar Index is going every day that is bringing buying into commodities. We are bullish mainly because of the liquidity, ongoing liquidity which is there in the system.

Kunal Shah, Head of Commodities Research, Nirmal Bang Commodities


If we look at the companies that have benefited and gained market share from PSUs, there are two themes.

The first theme that we took up was competing with the governments, basically buy stocks which compete with public sector enterprises or sectors which are opening up for private participation. So the three main sectors which come up in this are private sector banking, hospitals and infrastructure.

The next theme that we identified was demographical lifestyle changes that our country is going through. So what you throw up here is underpenetrated consumers, NBFCs that cater to consumer financing, etc. The last theme that we identified was mainly export-oriented industries like IT, chemical and pharmaceuticals.

Dinshaw Irani, CIO, Helios India


The first half of next year is going to be very strong. Manufacturing will play a much bigger role, bigger than property and infrastructure. Generally, the global manufacture supply chains are being repaired, which is why we are seeing manufacturers doing a lot better now.

Paul Bartholomew, Senior Managing Editor, S&P Global Platts


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