The local heavyweights had to come up with some strategies that would help to stabilise the Jogoos and avoid problems witnessed before

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) president Moses Magogo has explained what has brought down SC Villa in the recent past.

SC Villa are the most successful Ugandan Premier League club with 16 titles but coincidentally, they have not won the trophy in the last 16 years.

To end the club’s struggles, an interim committee was formed to help stabilise the outfit and recently came up with some recommendations. These have been ratified, and we will now see SC Villa evolve back into a community club run by the Villa Members Trust.

The trust will carry out functions that include voting for the club’s president, entitlements to an individual season and tickets per season of a full subscription, members are eligible to become part of the club’s Executive Committee and any member can be eligible to be elected as the president.

It is also an entity that owns SC Villa and all its assets.

“The lack of ownership led to a lack of proper governance systems that could create and supervise proper management,” Magogo, who is an ardent SC Villa fan, told Fufa website explaining the issues that have bedevilled them.

“This gradually affected the sporting results and of course, revenues became meagre too. The mighty SC Villa have since not won any league championship in the last 16 years and has romanced with relegation at some point.

“SC Villa got absorbed into the unmatched sporting success and slept on the job for important matters of ownership, governance and business.

“Even after being the first Ugandan club to sell a player [Magid Musisi] direct to Europe in 1992 and obtain funds that were used to construct residential houses in the suburbs of Kampala, this was not enough to awaken the business potential that SC Villa had become.”

The Jogoos are one of the Ugandan clubs with a rich history and one of the outstanding parts of their evolution is the first back-to-back participation in Caf competition before its 18th birthday as well as winning the league title a 16th time.

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