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BHUBANESWAR: Odisha has been ranked fourth among the states in management of Covid-19 pandemic. While North East region taken together topped the list followed by Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh are at the bottom.

The findings were based on a recent study by the research wing of State Bank of India that followed a two stage mathematical model with monthly data from April to November during which, the tests first regressed on population to arrive at estimated number of cases for each state.

The states were ranked on the basis of performance on three broad categories, Covid management, macro parameters (fiscal parameters and CPI) and Central Government schemes. For assessing Covid management, the researchers had used four indicators – gap between actual number of cases and estimated cases, possible number of underreporting cases, recovery and death rates.    

Odisha’s Covid graph improved significantly after the peak reached on September 25 when the State had its single day highest of 4,356 new cases. The daily cases have declined since then and fallen below 500 while the daily recoveries are now higher than the new cases. The SBI study indicated that the number of actual cases was 3,18,725 in Odisha as against the estimated cases of 4,03,844 up to November posting a difference of 85,119 cases.

The State managed quite well as actual cases were less compared to the estimation. The difference between estimated cases and actual cases was 7,44,908 in Bihar, 7,43,296 in UP and 1,69,559 in North East. The states at the bottom had more actual cases than that of estimate. Odisha was one among the top five states with lower fatality rate and higher recovery rate. The fatality rate and recovery rate stand at 0.56 pc and 98.6 pc against the national average of 1.45 pc and 95.2 pc respectively.

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