SBI mutual fund nfo: New fund offer from SBI MF to meet retirement goals

Professionals and non-salaried individuals looking to build a retirement kitty with equity exposure can consider partial allocation to the new fund offer of SBI Retirement Benefit Fund through systematic investment plans (SIPs).

SBI Retirement Benefit Fund is a solution-oriented retirement linked MF. The NFO is currently open and closes on February 3. Investors can start with a minimum of ₹5,000.

The fund offers four plans – aggressive, aggressive hybrid, conservative hybrid and conservative.

In addition to equity and debt instruments, each of these plans may take up to 20% exposure to gold ETFs, up to 10% exposure to REITs/InvITs, and in foreign securities including overseas ETFs — up to 35% exposure in aggressive plan, up to 15% in aggressive hybrid and conservative hybrid plans and up to 10% in conservative plan.

The scheme offers an age-based ‘auto transfer plan’ where the invested assets will be automatically switched to the investment plan of immediate lower risk as the investor crosses the maximum age associated with their current plan. The fund house will also offer life insurance cover free to investors who register for SIPs with tenures of over three years.

The NFO’s aggressive plans will have an expense ratio of 2% in the regular option. In the case of conservative plans, it will be 1-1.25%.

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