PANAJI: Schools across Goa may still be shut due to the pandemic, but that will not deter some students to dress up in their colourful best on the occasion of children’s day on November 14. Activists raising their voice against the infrastructure projects in Mollem have invited school students to come dressed in their favourite forest colours or even as wildlife and trees to participate in the ‘Save Mollem‘ campaign on Saturday.
“Bring your instruments, your voices, and plenty of energy to sing and dance for Mollem, and for all the forests in India who are facing threat of disappearance,” the invite read.
The children are gathering at the steps of the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary at 5pm.
“One of the Amche Mollem campaign goals is to safeguard and create a Goa that future generations can thrive in. But there is another reason – we urgently recognise today that we cannot afford to dream of anything less than the most beautiful future for the children who will inherit this Earth,” activists said, adding that conserving and protecting the natural world “is the best way to celebrate and honour our children.”
In addition to this, the Siolim deanery youth have organised a children’s march to oppose the coal transportation and double tracking at Mollem.
The walk is scheduled to be held at 8am from the Siolim branch of the State Bank of India.
Children above the age of 11, cathecists, young adults and their parents have been invited to join this walk.

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