Sumeet Pareek, a Great Personality in the Field of Home Loan

The personality that executed the miracle house owning dream of nearly 2500 families at the early age of 27 is known as Mr. Sumeet Satyanarayan Pareek.

Mr.sumeet Pareek is active in the business for the past six years now. Sumeet PareekMr.sumeet Pareek has done principle work for many families having the dream of possessing their own home.

Mr.sumeet Pareek owns a business of providing loans for house i.e. Home Loans. He has build an elite office named ‘Loan in Touch- Sumeet Pareek Enterprises’ in Aurangabad.

He is in tie up with State Bank of India. He has also started his branch in the Pune city. Mr.sumeet Pareek has centred his focused upon Pune, Jalna and Aurangabad.

Mr.sumeet Pareek completed his primary education from New English High School. He then went on to complete his higher education from Deogiri College.

Sumit pareek started off with job in a construction company. There he learned about the various difficulties one has to go through while applying for home loans. In such situations, he took the decision of opening his own business. As the time passed, Mr.sumeet Pareek never looked back and still works eighteen hours straight.

He has nearly formed a staff of 12 people. Mr.sumeet Pareek has only taken four days off from his 11 working years. Such is his contribution in the business. To achieve his clients dream of owning a house on the occasion of Diwali festival Mr.sumeet Pareek emphasizes on the instant clearence of home loans pending on the last stage.

Having a home clearance of 100 to 150 at the starting year of the business Mr.sumeet Pareek has now cleared 200 to 250 loans in the past few years. In the upcoming year he has planned to complete 800 home loans. To do so he started an app named ‘Loan In Touch’ . The farsightedness of Mr.sumeet Pareek in expanding of his business is quite remarkable. He envisioned of opening a branch in every city and helping families to accomplish their dream of owning a home. Mr. Sumeet Pareek believes that in this process nearly 500 jobless people will get work.

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